What Is Voided Check? How To Void Check?

What Is Voided Check? How To Void Check?

November 3, 2022 0 By Saasha

What Is Voided Check? How To Void Check?

There are many reasons why you might need to write a bad check. This may be due to direct deposit or setting up automatic billing. So it is very important to know what is a declared check and how to cancel a check.

Let’s start by knowing about the canceled check.

What is a bad check?

A voided check is a check that is canceled or invalid. Once the word “Void” appears on a cheque, that check is considered void. A canceled check may be blank or partially filled.

How to write a void check?

Canceling a check is very simple. Below we have written the easiest way to cancel a check?

There are two ways to write a voided check. After writing a void cheque, remember to make a copy of the void check and also note the clearing details in the record section of the check book.

Write “VOID” in large letters on the front of the check with a blue or black pen.


Step 1: Use a pen to write

Always use a pen or marker to write the check. Don’t use a pencil, like writing the word “Void” in pencil, then anyone can easily erase the void and use the check to pay.

Step 2: Write “VOID” on the payee line

It is necessary to write “Void” on it so that no one else can use the check for themselves or payments.

Step 3: Type “VOID” in the amount field.

You should also write “VOID” in the payment field. The field with the $ sign on the right side of the check. The reason for writing “Void” is that no one else can write any amount there and use the check for any payment purpose.

Step 4: Write “VOID” in the signature space.

You should also write “VOID” in the signature space so that no one can misuse the check and cash or make a payment using your check

Step 5: Write Void on the back of the check

You can also put the word VOID correctly on the back of the check to be sure. If there is any mistake in writing “VOID” on the face of the cheque, then the “VOID” written on the back will stand.

Step 6: Record/copy the voided check

You will make a record of the voided check so that there is no confusion about this check in the future. You must note the check number of the voided check. And You can also keep a copy of the void check for future reference.

When to use an invalid check

There are many reasons why someone might ask you to issue a bad check, or you might need to issue a check.

Most often, bad checks are issued for banking information purposes. It has all the details that are required to set up an electronic link for online payment. Details such as the name of the bank union where your account is hosted, your bank account number, your bank routing number, your name and the address that is associated with your account and is on bank records.

Below we have mentioned 3 common reasons for using Voided Check

Canceled direct deposit check

It is issued for your employer, when they want to transfer your payment electronically, they may need your server account details. Your check contains all the required information. Because your paycheck will be transferred directly, there’s no need for a paper check, and you don’t even have to go and wait in check deposit lines.

To set up payments

You can set up your payment for several monthly expenses such as mortgage, rent and insurance. Issuing a void check to set up automatic electronic payments will save you time writing checks in the future for each one. With automatic payments, you don’t even need to log into your account to make payments. Depending on your payment settings, the amount will be automatically deducted on the date you set.

When you make mistakes or a mistake

If you happen to make a mistake while writing a check, such as misspelling the name of the payee or needing to change the amount, you must “CANCEL” the check. A canceled check will invalidate it but if you don’t cancel this check it can be risky because it is partially filled and anyone can abuse it

How do I get a voided check?

Canceling a check is no big deal, you simply need to pull a normal blank check out of your checkbook and write the word “VOID” in big letters on it. Write the word “VOID” very clearly and in the center of the front of the check.

Points to remember when writing a void cheque

Write a blank check with a blue or black pen or marker, don’t use a pencil, but using a thicker, darker pen would be great.

Capitalize the word VOID so that the word covers most of the space provided for filling in the details.

Do not cover the bank details on the check when writing VOID.

Do not sign the check

Invalidity checking alternatives

Sometimes it can happen that you don’t have any check to issue a voided check and nowadays many banks offer checkless banking and no check books. What do you do when you need to issue a voided check?

Don’t worry, we’ve listed 5 options below.

Using a deposit sheet

You can fill out the deposit slip and send it. But remember that it must include your bank’s routing number and your account number. You should write the composition very carefully and without mistakes.

You can submit your bank details online

This option can be used when you are setting up an online payment, such as automatic bill payment. You don’t need a check for this and you can set up the payment online.

Start check

You can ask your bank to provide you with an initial check or a sample check. It will have all the information that is printed during a normal check. You can use this instead of invalidity checking.

Using Check Printers

Check printers are the best option when you don’t have any checks, you can simply print a check and use it.

Other bank documents

If in the event that you cannot use a deposit slip or starter cheque, you can ask your bank to provide you with valid documents with your account details, such as a letter with your account number with a bank routing number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deposit a voided check?

No, you cannot deposit a void check because it is not valid and the word VOID written on it means an instruction to the bank not to accept the check for any transaction or cash payment.

Why do you need a voided check for direct deposit?

A voided check is required to set up direct deposit because your check contains all the information needed to set up direct deposit. The information needed to create the setup is the bank routing number and your account number, both of which are clearly displayed on the check.

How do I empty myself?

You can have a check voided by writing a voided check yourself, but in case you are short on checks, you can use the following methods:

  • You can use a backup sheet
  • You can enter your bank details online
  • You can request a startup check from your bank
  • You can use a check printer
  • You can submit other valid bank documents
  • You can visit your bank for cancellation

Check from PNC?

Yes, you can get a canceled check from PNC. You can also get a voided check online from PNC, all you have to do is log into their online banking portal and request a voided check in the customer service section under Checks and Supplies.


Bad check as easy as writing a check. You simply need to write CANCEL in capital letters or CANCEL in normal letters on the front of the check in the appropriate spaces to allow you to write the date, payment, amount and signature.

If in case you don’t have a check or want to cash online, there are other options like online setup, deposit slip, check printer and bank documents. The most common reasons you might request a check cashing is direct deposit, setting up automatic payments, or an error or mistake when writing a check.


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